On citizen voices

Nov 8, 2006

Just coming off a merry-go-round of a night! I hustled over to the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard to meet Ethan Zuckerman. He’s a Titan of the Net — founder of Tripod and Global Voices — who listened to my ideas for StoryBlogging and inspired me to think bigger and wider. (I’ll write more about our conversation tomorrow.)

Then, after dinner at another Thai restaurant not able to match my Bangkok Blue meal, I was walking back to my hotel when I saw happy people streaming into the Hynes Convention Center. They were headed to the Massachusetts Democratic Party victory celebration. Turns out Deval Patrick became the state’s first African-American governor tonight. I followed the crowd and stood in the ballroom as John Kerry and Ted Kennedy (who won his ninth term as Mass. senator) spoke about the positive changes coming in America, and then Patrick gave an excellent speech to rally all citizens.

A half day at the conference tomorrow, then packing up and heading home, where Erin desperately needs me back to get some rest, fight off a sinus infection and catch up with her studies.

Anton Zuiker

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