Appetite for blogging

Oct 6, 2006

Leap, leap, leap. (Sorry, another Zoboomafoo reference.)

I’m jumping all over the place: I need to pull together the StoryBlogging effort for next month’s performance of Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays With Morrie, and planning for the North Carolina Science Blogging Conference is going full steam ahead, and work and family and book club readings and …

But I have another idea, and I want to note it here now to plant the seed.

[UPDATE: we’re using a page at the BlogTogether wiki to build on these ideas and plan for a series of food blogging evvents.]

Sometime next summer, I’d like to put on a food blogging conference or series of events to celebrate good food and drink and explore ways of writing about food through weblogs. Brainstorming on the way home from work, here’s what I imagine the series would be:

  • Saturday morning—market blogging visit to the Carrboro Farmers Market to see and taste and feel the bounty of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. This tasting tour would make for some great photoblogging and Flickr feeding. (Maybe Meg and Michael could be our tour guides?)
  • Saturday night—feast blogging meal at one or more of Chapel Hill’s great restaurants, with a food writer (Chapel Hill-based Kelly Alexander perhaps?) helping us find the words to describe the food on our plates.

The seed is planted. Check back in the Spring to see if it germinates.

Anton Zuiker

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