Right moves

Sep 14, 2006

John Edwards meets some bloggers locally. Here and here.

Gotta admit, I’m sorely disappointed that I didn’t get ‘invited’ to this event, even with my previous posting that I wanted the opportunity to meet Edwards at such a conversation. And this disappointment comes at the end of a day in which I’ve pulled together details for the Chapel Hill Bloggers Meetup and even more details about the soon-to-be-announced Triangle Science Blogging Conference. WTF am doing all this for?

Answering my own question: I do it because I like knowing the bloggers in this region, and getting to know these bloggers as people. On my way to a fantastic discussion of MySpace by Danah Boyd’ talk this afternoon, I ran into Corey and CC, who told me they’ll be having a baby in February. Congrats to them. At the talk, I sat next to Deb Aikat, met Doug Edmunds , chatted with Kirk Ross and Bret Dougherty, thanked Paul Jones for his advice on the sciblog conference, and nodded to a few others.

And the sciblog conference is going to be very interesting. I’m excited about this.

So, day’s coming to an end, my two-year-old daughter is screaming, I may be coming down with a cold, and work is intense. I need a night in bed with a few magazines, a glass of port and no friggin’ Internet in sight.

EDIT: Geez, twice in one day I get counseled I’ve overreacted. My frustration above is my own doing — I’ve got so many ideas and projects that I’m a bit overextended. To my friends and colleagues in the North Carolina community of bloggers, I love you all. See you at the next event.

Anton Zuiker

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