Wake up

Sep 9, 2006

A few months ago, Malia got into the habit of wandering into our bedroom around 6 a.m. She’d snuggled between us, tossing and turning, and about 45 minutes later, would pipe up, “Is it morning time yet?” Erin or I would answer, “Not yet,” and Malia would lie quietly for 5 or 10 minutes more, at which point I’d roll out of bed and Malia would sit up, wide awake.

In the last week, Malia’s changed her morning wake-up question. “Mom, what clock is it?” she asks, wanting to know if it’s 7 o’clock yet, at which point Zobooomafoo comes on PBS. By 7, most of us are up, dressed and munching on breakfast, ready for another tightly scripted day of school, work and commuting.

Our daily schedule is tiring, but Malia’s early morning expectation seem to give the days an innocence that lets us know each day is a new beginning.

Anton Zuiker

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