In the summer air

Aug 27, 2006

Stephan and his lovely wife, Candace, stopped by for breakfast. They are an amazing couple—multilingual, well-traveled, hard-working, successful, kind and generous—and I’m excited that they’ll be so close.

After they left, I sat outside, enjoying the late summer breezes and smells, and reading the NYTimes, in which Vanuatu gets the travel treatment in the article The Original Bali Hai. It’s a good read, and of course had me nostalgic for Paama.

I’ve recently purchased , about the missionary past and travel present of Vanuatu. I’ll report on that once I’m into it. (And the juices are flowing in my mind about bringing back a website for my fellow Vanuatu Peace Corps Volunteers. Stay tuned.)

I wouldn’t think an article about perfumes would be interesting, but I found myself reading to the end of Synthetic No. 5 by Chandler Burr, even though it did get cloyingly obtuse with its wine-writing-like descriptions of the various scents. I’ve been using my Xerius cologne lately, though that bottle is probably ten years old and past its prime. Must be time for a new smell for myself.

Anton Zuiker

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