Learning about diabetes and geographic tongue

Aug 1, 2006

A high school friend of mine has diabetes, and I remember watching him on the bus home from soccer games as he tested his blood sugar and then gave himself a shot of insulin. One summer, he and I and two other friends went camping at Raven’s Roost, the Zuiker site in northern Wisconsin. One afternoon, he started to fade out, and we knew just enough to help him get some fruit juice into him.

Now, I’ll be learning as much as I can about diabetes mellitus. One of my brother’s daughters, a two-year-old darling, is in a Pittsburgh hospital now after nearly entering a diabetic coma. Nobody knew she was diabetic. She was with us at the reunion last week, and a bit fussy each morning. Back at home Monday morning, my brother and his wife rushed the little one to their local hospital, only to have to watch as their daughter was flown by helicopter to the big city hospital.

Another family member last week mentioned a recurring and painful condition called geographic tongue, which I’d never heard about.

Anton Zuiker

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