Teach North Carolinians to blog

Jul 11, 2006

Dave Winer says John Edwards should start a program to teach North Carolinians to blog. Great idea, Dave. I hope Senator Edwards looks to his own backyard, where the BlogTogether effort has been reaching out to nonbloggers for more than a year now with our Blogging 101 teach-in sessions, biweekly Chapel Hill Bloggers Meetup and other events.

In the works at this very moment, in fact, are another Blogging101 teach-in for Durham, a science blogging workshop, a parenting blogging seminar and a few other events here in the Triangle. And don’t forget the second annual ConvergeSouth conference over in Greensboro.

If you want to get involved in reaching out to new bloggers in North Carolina, please contact me.

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Anton Zuiker

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