Spring renewal

May 5, 2006

Erin did it! She finished her first year of law school, and in fine form. I’m so proud of the many hours she put into her legal education, and amazed at the amount of information she absorbed in the past two semesters. (Me, I’ll stick to learning through magazines and blogs, like Eric’s post about the commerce-regulating powers of Congress.)

It’s nice to have Erin back—we had a nice date the other night, the house was miraculously cleaned the first day she was home alone, and the girls are happy to see their mom again.

Our good and ever-generous friend Butch drove down from Cleveland today, bringing with him a cooler full of Great Lakes Brewing Company suds (Hmmm, will have to check into interstate commerce about the legality of that!). We’ll take a few bottles with us tomorrow when we head to the beach, where my mom has gotten us hotel rooms using her employee discount.

(A few weeks ago, mom came home one night to tell me there was a guest named Catherine Zuiker at the hotel. Seems Catherine was in the Triangle for training with a pharmaceutical company, which had her scheduled so tight she couldn’t even return my phone calls asking to meet. Catherine, next time you’re in the area, please contact me—I’d love to meet you and learn more about the Wisconsin Zuikers. I’m editing my grandfather’s memoir of his childhood on a Wisconsin farm, so maybe I’ll learn if there’s some dark family secret. More on the Zuiker family over at Zuiker Chronicles.)

Pictures of Butch, beer, beach and babes Sunday.

Anton Zuiker

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