Redesign month at mistersugar

May 1, 2006

I started last night to tinker with the design of, and am finding much inspiration from the talents of the many designers who have rebooted their sites today as part of the CSS Reboot. As you can see from some of the examples, lots of designers are stacking and sorting the many elements of their sites, building multi-level pages with extensive footers—as we’ve added Flickr feeds and linklogs and coComments to our blogs, our home pages have become content rich and visually heavy.

Take a look at any one of these rebooted sites and you’ll see how active personal publishers are these days. Their beautiful designs show what can be done to make sites inviting and fun to read. Of course, the more content we add to our sites, the less people actually see the pages because they’re reading and viewing our content though the feeds (syndication).

Anton Zuiker

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