Splitting hairs

Apr 15, 2006

At the end of last year, I reached the end of my search for a perfect (for my head) haircut when I found Kathryn at Sport Clips—she got the back and sides of my head short the way I like it, and clipped the top just the right length so a dab of ‘product’ (as Erin likes to tease me) would give me a styled look.

I went in today for a cut, but Kathryn and I couldn’t remember what combination of clipper settings she’d used the previous two times. I told her a two on top and a one on the sides. I was distracted by my thoughts, and blinked into reality just as she buzzed the top of my head. Uh-oh. Wrong instructions: I should have gone with her suggestion of a scissor cut on top. Which left me with a head barely covered with hair:

Short haircut

Oh well. It was 88 degrees today, mid-April, and Al Gore’s going to be warning us all about global warming in the new documentary An Inconvenient Truth, so short on top isn’t that bad. Still, I’m going to type up specific instructions for my perfect haircut, and I’m going to put those instructions in my damn wallet.

Anton Zuiker

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