Blogging 101 at UNC-CH

Feb 28, 2006

Earlier today, I gave a Blogging 101 talk (along with Brian Russell) at the UNC-CH Health Sciences Library. I was hoping for more than a handful of people, but the computer lab was standing room only—lots of new and interested people wanting to know about weblogs, podcasts and other online communication tools.

Today’s session was a good warmup for my talk next month at the American Medical Association Medical Communication conference in Phoenix. I’ll be speaking about health info on blogs; see my outline and list of links for those presentations. (Bora Zivkovic over at Science Politics suggested some excellent blogs to highlight.)

I’m especially excited to travel to Phoenix, because I’ll get to see my brother Nick and his wife, Staci, my brother Matt, my father (flying in from Hawaii) and my Grandma Clarice.

Anton Zuiker

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