Listen to HIV

Feb 24, 2006

My mother arrived this afternoon, come to North Carolina to find a job, and she eagerly agreed to watch the girls so Erin and I could attend the Narratives of HIV address by Stephen Lewis at UNC’s Friday Center. Lewis gave a passionate and eloquent talk, and his stories of gender inequality and orphaned children gave me and Erin a few ideas for how we can apply my journalism and her law to our desire to work in Africa. (In the picture: Lewis with global health professor Peggy Bentley, consummate supporter of the Narratives of HIV series. Click on the thumbnail to see other pics from the night.)

Chris Ormsby, Erin’s former conspirator as campus Peace Corps recruiters, introduced Lewis tonight with an excellent overview of the comprehensive HIV research within just 10 miles of the auditorium. He also singled me out for my vision of the Narratives of HIV series. I was touched by that, but also grateful to see the he, Nina and others found inspiration in the series to keep it alive and moving forward.

Anton Zuiker

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