Face to face

As much as I love to spend time at my computer, surfing the Net and blogging, I thoroughly enjoy meeting people face to face and learning about their passions. This afternoon, I met up with Kelly Marks, a talented young designer (she made the Zuiker Chronicles logo) who is interested in digital storytelling. Kelly told me about her experience as an instructor with the Center for Digital Storytelling, which recently offered a workshop in Durham and could very well be a partner for the StoryBlogging project. Kelly also told me about the BBC’s Capture Wales project.

Kelly’s volunteered to design a logo for StoryBlogging, and she got me free-thinking about possible elements for the logo. I want the logo to reflect the nature of my ideas and inspirations for the project – StoryBlogging should be a service project to bring together the generations to share their life stories and experiences, and we’ll just happen to use new media tools such as blogs, podcasts and movies to record and share those stories. I’m eager to see what she comes up with.

It’s slow going organizing this project, and yet everyday puts me in touch with more individuals who are gung-ho about the ideas behind StoryBlogging. I’m enjoying meeting them. As I told Kelly, my main motivation for all my BlogTogether efforts is really to spend time listening to people as they share their thoughts about who they are and how they communicate that through blogs, podcasts, stories and more.

I'm pointing to blog posts about oral history and storytelling in anticipation of the NC storyblogging project. Learn more over at StoryBlogging.org.

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