Older, and ready to blog it

Nov 25, 2005

My mother flew out today, ending her Thanksgiving visit to our Durham home. One reason for her visit was her ongoing hunt for a new job; she’s actively looking for work to put her vast experience in education and organization to use, and North Carolina, we both know, is an opportune place. But finding a good job isn’t easy, especially for a single woman approaching retirement age.

While she was here, we continued a conversation begun a few months ago, about how our society treats people of mom’s generation, and how best she can compete for jobs. She’s been thinking a lot about those topics, and now has a blog to share her thoughts. I’ll link to her blog just as soon as she’s had a chance to post a few entries. Her entry into blogging fits perfectly with my previous post about my project to get older people to share their wisdom online. I’m looking forward to what my mother has to share.

Know of a job for her or an organization that could use her as a consultant? Her strengths include turning around struggling Catholic grade schools, as well as training the staffs of small service organizations. (I’ll post her resume in the morning.)

Anton Zuiker

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