Recharging mental batteries for the next challenge

Nov 18, 2005

Tuesday’s crime at 5506, coupled with the high activity at work and in planning an event, along with the toll of being sick for two weeks, had me a big unsettled the last two days. I was entertaining angry thoughts of violence, wondering how I could use the Vanuatu war club that Noel gave to me when I left Paama to exact vengeance on the thief who violated my home.

But anger and violence are not healthy (I need to see the the flick A History of Violence), so I channeled that negative energy into a couple of creative ideas, and by last night I was relaxing in the comforts of a laughter-filled home. Good thing, too: North Carolina, under the cover of night, executed a second murderer last night (aha, the deterrent effect of capital punishment!)—I do not agree with killing to show that killing is wrong, same as I don’t think smashing in the knees of a robber is right to fight stealing.

Anyway, now I’m eager to tackle my next challenge: Narratives of Your Life. I’ve got an exciting outline of the events for this blogging/podcasting/storytelling/oral-history project. Details coming soon.

Anton Zuiker

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