Triangle Bloggers Bash recap

Nov 15, 2005

Awesome, fantastic and very successful bloggers party tonight, though for me an overall bittersweet night, as I’d come home from work to find the house burglarized (petty thieves, just a few things taken, but messy as hell). With the kindness of neighbors willing to watch the girls until Erin got home from school, I was able to get to the bash in time to meet and greet about 50 cool, interesting people. Lots to report on, including the tour of WUNC studios, the food from, the beer courtesy of and the engaging conversations from the crowd. Look for pictures on Flickr (‘TriangleBloggerBash’) and postings all around the NC blogosphere, as well as a longer entry from me tomorrow.

Oh, and when you leave your home tomorrow, lock your file cabinet, check you doors and be safe.

Anton Zuiker

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