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Nov 6, 2005

A few days ago, I walked across campus to meet my friend, Sabrina Burmeister, for lunch. We sat at a round stone picnic table outside the building where her lab is located, and chatted about science, politics, our university jobs.

“There’s a big spider on you”, said Sabrina at one point, whereupon I glanced to see a big spider on my arm. I immediately jumped up and flailed about, no doubt making an ass of myself.

After that bolt of andrenalin, I jabbered on about the book I made for my dad and Zuiker Chronicles Online, the family website I created 5 years ago. The online Chronicles is meant as a tribute to my grandfather and the typewritten letters he sent to the family; my grandpa Sisco also wrote regular letters chronicling his life, just has Sabrina’s in-laws continue to do.

And that got us discussing the value of chronicling, or journaling, one’s life. Journaling is one of the key phases of the development of blogging (as I note in my blogging101 guide); I explained how my blog has been my online journal, an extension of the extensive diaries I wrote after college and through my Peace Corps service. I used the example of my past bouts with food poisoning as an example, saying my blog could show when and where I’ve gotten food-borne illnesses. Well, add another one: something I ate yesterday had me sick and sicker by night.

Another activity I’ve chronicled here is conversation. Today, I spoke with my high school buddy, Craig Thompson, the first time in years. He told me all about his exciting work at Simdesk, his life in Houston and his growing family. It was great to talk with him.

Tonight, I put the finishing touches on the new Zuiker Chronicles Online, where I’m hoping more of my extended family will contribute entries about their lives.

Anton Zuiker

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