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Oct 20, 2005

The promo for WUNC’s State of Things show tomorrow about urban redevelopment must have been the spark, so when Erin and I were figuring out our dinner plans for the evening, I suggested we head over to the American Tobacco Historic District for a Mellow Mushroom pizza. Glad we did. That place is awesome. Lots of activity tonight, and plenty of places for the girls to run and skip, and a cool canal running through the space.

At Mellow Mushroom, I ran into Stephen Fraser of Lulu.com. Stephen helped sponsor the Triangle Bloggers Conference back in February. (Lulu.com is the print-on-demand service I used to publish Step to Freedom.)

Seeing Stephen, and experiencing the excitement of the redevelopment in Durham, made me remember that Henry Copeland had suggested we organize a blogger party this fall. By the time I left for home, I’d hatched a plan for just such a shindig.

So, stay tuned for details of the Triangle Bloggers Bash sometime in November somewhere in the American Tobacco Historic District. If you want to help plan this, contact me posthaste.

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