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Oct 8, 2005

Yesterday, enjoyed the blogs/journalism session with Jay Rosen (even if the debate still bores me). This morning, took in the session led by Atrios on policing the media (see how I’ve tried to do this). Now am in a session with Jimmy Wales, same talk I heard the other day, but again has me thinking of ways to get the Zuiker Chronicles Online community (finally) off the ground; some ideas: have to open up the blog to any Zuikers who want to post entries; try a wiki again, maybe for specific tasks like writing your own short autobiography; get an interview with Anthony Zuiker or get him to contribute an essay or letter or story. Other ideas?

UPDATE: WillR has just asked a question about using the Wikipedia model to build up the institutional memory of a community. Bingo! That’s really what I’m wanting to do with the Zuiker Family. I want to use web/blog/family-tree/wiki efforts to build an online trove of family history and knowledge and experience and emotion. Wales says its important to get the right people involved early on.

Anton Zuiker

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