Blogging about microbes

Oct 4, 2005

Soon, my website will pass from the ether, a casualty of a blog realignment that has me focused again on Zuiker Chronicles (not to mention more responsibilities around the house with Erin in law school). All along I thought I could make into a vibrant site dedicated to the best science and epidemiology journalism, but like my other failed sites (VanAmericanNius, e.g.), I didn’t focus my energies on the effort. No matter. The Coconut Wireless at is alive and well, and I’ll continue to post entries about my interest in infectious diseases, among all the other items and observations I put forth here.

And, seeing as George Bush is suddently interested in pandemic avian flu, I’ll point again to the Flu Wiki, an excellent resource for raising the warning about the dangers of a flu pandemic. A flu wiki. Now why didn’t I think of that?

Anton Zuiker

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