Sep 26, 2005

The latest John Carroll Magazine came in the mail today, and as he’s done for the last year or so, my class columnist, Jim Sislo, mentioned the JCU92.net blog. One problem, though: I seem to have let the domain registraton lapse, and the site isn’t up. Geez. I should know better. Stay tuned while I try to renew the domain.

Update: From my registrar, I learn this:

If your domain name expires before you have a chance to renew it, please give us a call. For a short period of time, anywhere from 1 to 45 days, after a domain name expires, it is still available for renewal; however, at any time during this period and at our discretion, we may direct the central registry to delete the domain. If your expired domain fall in this period, and has not yet been deleted at the central registry, we can renew it for the standard renewal fee, plus a $15.00 late charge. If and when your expired domain name is deleted at the central registry, it enters what is known as a �redemption period.� During this 30-day period, the domain name is held by the central registry and is unavailable for renewal, transfer, or any other account changes; likewise, associated web resources, such as websites and email service, will not function. If your expired domain name has been deleted and has entered the redemption period, you have two methods of recourse: you may allow the redemption period to run its course, after which the domain name is available again for registration at a first-come, first-served basis, or you may pay a $120.00 fee through us to the central registry in order to remove the domain from the redemption period. In order to avoid any late charges, please keep your domain name�s registration current. It is your responsibility to keep your registration up-to-date. We send renewal notices to the email address listed for the domain�s administrative contact. If this email is not kept current, you will not receive your renewal notices. It is your responsibility to update all of your contact information. .

Anton Zuiker

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