Family notes

Sep 25, 2005

Over at the Zuiker Chronicles, I’m beginning to improve the site design and broaden the services to my larger family. See some pictures from Nick’s wedding weekend there (more to come in the next week, as soon as I decide which of the dozens of new photo gallery software to use).

Last Thursday, I was in D.C. for work, and I met Uncle Michael and his energetic son, Asher—who turns 5 Monday—for dinner in downtown Silver Spring. It was a joy to meet up with them; I’d last seen them in December 2002. After dinner, they gave me a quick tour of their home, and then dropped me back at my hotel. I snuck out later to catch a movie in the gorgeous AFI Silver Theatre.

On Friday, for my job, I attended a briefing session by USAID about the agency’s new logo/brand. During my recent project to publish my father’s Peace Corps memoir, I came across this photo showing the AID logo as it was back in the mid-Sixties.

Anton Zuiker

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