Along the Hudson II

Sep 19, 2005

Nick’s wedding was a blast, and while there were hiccups along the way—Anna bursting into tears just before she was supposed to walk up the aisle as a flower girl, Staci the bride arriving 40 minutes late, miscommunication about where the kids were supposed to be at the reception dinner—the day was quite memorable and the settings simply stunning: a tiny Greek Orthodox church across the Hudson from West Point, and then a gorgeous country club dining hall overlooking the Hudson Valley. Staci’s parents were gracious and effusive in their welcoming Nick into their family, and when I went to hug Staci’s father, and then Nick, I was weeping. My brother is an amazing individual, and I was so proud to see him grown up, a married man. Congratulations, Nick and Staci, and thank you Menayas Family.

Anton Zuiker

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