Along the Hudson

Sep 17, 2005

Here in Fishkill, New York, where there’s lots of excitement for Nick’s wedding tomorrow, and all the usual frantic phone calling and figuring out who’s going in which car to where, but also family reunions. Grandpa Sisco and I talked for an hour in the car last night, he telling me quite a bit of his life history as I recorded his oral history. Grandma Zuiker is here, too, and Staci’s grandmother come over from Greece. Denny and Elaine Zuiker and their sons, Justin and Johnny are here, John Zuiker, Ginger and Stoddard and Jackie and Mike, all my brothers and most of their kids, some of Nick’s high school friends … quite a nice collection of family. (Not sure who everyone is? Check out my family’s genealogy.)

A bunch of us drove to West Point today, in search of a parade before the football game. We were thinking of the firetrucks-and-politicians-and-tootsie-roll kind of parade, but it turns out there was only to be a parade of cadets into the stadium before the game started. We were a few hours from that time, so we drove through the hilly, wooded campus and then headed back along the Hudson River.

Later, at the rehearsal dinner hosted by my father under a tent along the river, I showed a short movie I made from pictures of Nick and Staci’s lives, and then emcee’d as my brothers, parents and then various other family members rose to pay tribute to Nick and/or Staci. We laughed, cried, clapped and toasted this passionate, perfect couple.

Anton Zuiker

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