Family matters

Sep 14, 2005

Busy week, this one. Yesterday I was to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to talk to the nutrition department about weblogs and medical journalism (my presentation is here).

Nights this week I’m finishing up a movie of my brother Nick’s life, to be screened at his wedding this weekend in New York. See his wedding site.

Last night and tonight I detoured to reinstall the family tree software over at Zuiker Chronicles. Darrin Lythgoes, the creator of TNG: The Next Generation, has generously helped me fix problems of my own making (I upgraded the wrong way because I didn’t read his fine directions closely enough). Thanks to Darrin for his help and his excellent software.

My cousin John instigated the upgrade; he wanted his pedigree for a class assignment at Gonzaga University. I wasn’t able to get the family tree fixed in time for his class, but I’ll see John at Nick’s wedding and I’ll have him fill in some missing information for his side of the family.

Meanwhile, little Malia is teething, and going through a spurt of tantrums. We try to be patient with her, knowing our new schedule of early rising, driving to four different school/work locations and getting home int time for dinner and a bath is taxing on us all. Our trip to New York to see family will be a nice respite.

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