To court

Aug 8, 2005

Erin starts law school later this month, but it’s me who’s going to court this week, to answer the state’s charge I was driving my car with an expired registration in late June. As I suggested in my earlier entry, it’s certainly a good idea for you, too, to check your vehicle’s registration renewal date, any environmental or safety check your state may require, your insurance policy, your driver’s license expiration date, and any other annual fee or registration necessary for operating your ride.

The North Carolina DMV uses a staggered vehicle registration system. This method of staggers registration renewals over twelve months of the year. When it is time to renew your vehicle’s registration & plate an invitation (renewal card) will be sent to you prior to your vehicle’s plate expiration.

In my case, I moved to another county right about the time the state was trying to notify me of my renewal. It helps to let the state know when you move. Use the address change form.

And while you’re checking—don’t forget to change the smoke alarm batteries on your birthday—look to your calendar for any important date that might be coming. Erin and I will celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary on August 10th.

“Anton Zuiker?”
“Yes, ma’am?”
“Did you get your registration renewed?”
“Yes. For the current year and the year ahead.”
“OK. I’m going to dismiss this for you. You’re free to go.”
“Thank you.”
Whereupon I waded out into the torrential rains flooding the streets of Chapel Hill.

Anton Zuiker

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