Summer Cold

Jun 20, 2005

Welcome to The Tar Heel Tavern #17, where bloggers gather this week in the air-conditioned confines of mistersugar’s pen to share and compare their week’s musings.

New blogger Ginger Bush arrives on the scene, pondering "an acre of sky offset by pruned branches," while Ogre’s already here thinking about the giant cats of Grandfather Mountain and Laurie O’Neill is pining for her cousin’s Lake Waccamaw house, "where alligators swim and sweet bays grow wild." David Sharek looks up from a drawing of Glen-Tree to say, "I think it’s just time that the community faces facts and recognizes that Raleigh is not a quaint little village."

In another corner of the pen, Billy the Blogging Poet explodes: "There’s flies in my attic and they’re buzzin’ all the time." Rhythm king Bora, too, is bothered. "If only people read the Bible the way they read their contracts," he says. BlogAsheville passes around a picture of what that contract with the creator looks like.

Screwy Hoolie, peeking into his Iranian pocket calendar, sees that the date’s Khordad 17, 1384 and offers to talk us through the Islamic Republic’s ballot. Jude Nagurney Camwell looks even further east to find a Chinese elixir perfect for the summer cold, which for Erin Monahan has its "tendrils growing inward."

All other North Carolina bloggers, we hope, are enjoying a cold summer drink and preparing their entries for the next edition of the tavern, hosted by It’s a Pixelated Life….

Anton Zuiker

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