No Great Teacher

Jun 10, 2005

Thomas Friedman on teachers:

[T]he greatest survival skill you can have is the ability to learn how to learn. The best way to learn how to learn is to love to learn, and the best way to love to learn is to have great teachers who inspire.

Here, here. Some of the great teachers in my schooling, who fueled my lust for learning:

  • Joe and Elegie LoCascio, English teachers at DeKalb High School
  • Deb Aikat, media futurist, and Tom Linden at UNC
  • Cheryl Zuiker (my mom), fifth grade teacher at Sts. Peter & Paul School in Nampa, Idaho and eighth grade social studies teacher at Good Hope School on St. Croix
  • Todd Feitelson, photography teacher at Good Hope School
  • Mrs. Helpenstell at SPPS
  • Linda Seward, Verghese Chirayath and Jack Dister at JCU

And, of course, my dad and grandfathers, Frank the Beachcomber and Louis Sisco.

[Edited 6/14/2005 to add JCU teachers.]

Anton Zuiker

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