Paama parade

May 23, 2005

Same day, two different Paama connections:

Jamie Tanguay, a PCV serving in Tahi Village, left a comment to report that Erin and I have not been forgotten in Liro, where Tony Lee is the fourth PCV to teach in Vaum Junior Secondary School (I was the first).

Then, I got a call from Chip Rosenberg, a middle-school friend of Tony’s. Chip is leaving in two weeks to spend two months visiting Tony and teaching English in the school before he returns to start law school.

My heart aches for my beloved Liro Village. Chip nicely offered to be a courier, and so Erin and I will put together a care package for Leah, Terry, Enna and Mereva. (Somehow, someday, I want to bring Terry and Enna to the States.)

Anton Zuiker

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