High in Asheville

May 22, 2005

Work has brought me to Asheville for the week. At the moment, I’m on an upper floor of the Renaissance Hotel, getting wifi from the Buncombe County administration building that’s blanketing the city with free wireless Internet connection. [By the time I was ready to publish this post, the free wifi froze, so now I’m on the hotel’s pay-to-surf high-speed connection.]

On Sixty Minutes, a story about Silver Ring Thing, a federally funded organization that promotes teenage sexual abstinence, has me remembering my own high school days. I was a virgin (and a candidate for the priesthood) and a teetotler (for the most part). Most weekend nights when I went out with my friends, my father would give me his short, simple advice: Think about your actions and their consequences.

Would that those who push the abstinence-only sex ed programs take that advice to heart.

Anton Zuiker

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