Apr 17, 2005

A flat tire on our Toyota minivan while we filled up at our local gas station may have slowed us down, but after changing the tire, switching cars and zipping down the highway, we made it to Wilmington just in time to witness my college buddy, Mark Schreiner, get married to Jennifer Gaspar, an opera singer. Also attending the wedding were three other Carroll News staffers, all wonderful guys who impressed me back in 1991, when I was the senior editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper and they were dedicated juniors editing the various sections of the paper, and impressed me again at dinner last night. Mark, Mark, Pat and Tom – it’s been great to know you. (A couple of pictures are posted at JCU92.net.)

We spent the night in Wilmington so we could celebrate Anna’s fourth birthday hunting for seashells on the beach:

Anna celebrates her fourth birthday on Wrightsville Beach

Click over to the photos section for more cute pictures of Anna and Malia. I’ve created a new album there called Anna’s Life Poster, with 100 images from the first four years of her life and the many family and friends who have made these years so fabulous. I used 96 of these pictures to create a life poster, which I gave to Anna as her birthday present. On her past birthdays, I’ve wanted to give Anna an album of photos from the previous year of her life, but I’ve never gotten around to making such an album. Until this year. Anna loves her life poster, and tomorrow we’ll hang it in her room so she can always see the highlights of her life.

Anton Zuiker

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