Apr 12, 2005

My grandfather, Louis Sisco, told me today he never expected to reach his nineties, but there he is in DeKalb, living (with my Aunt Ginger and Uncle Stoddard) back in the house he built in the 1950s, with a new knee and reshaped eyelids (for less droop over his aged eyes) and not a lot of hearing. How did he celebrate? By heading down to McDonald’s to drink coffee with his pals, 5 of them Republicans and 3 of them Democrats, “like you,” he laughed.

Man, I love that guy. Whenever I show up early for a meeting or an appointment, I think of the summer I lived with my grandparents. Grandpa would wake me up by 5:30 each morning, and I’d be the first one in the parking lot across town, waiting for the rest of my detasseling crew. After work each day, I’d sit with grandma and grandpa and watch the Cubs game. Now, if the Cubbies could just win the series for Louis this year …

Anton Zuiker

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