Pulitzer, please

Apr 5, 2005

On Sunday, I offered to give a few of my fellow AHCJ members a ride to the airport. Charlie Orenstein, health reporter at the LA Times, took me up on the offer. He was to have stayed in Chapel Hill another day for the AHCJ board meeting, but , for some reason he didn’t mention, he had to get back to Los Angeles. With the announcement of the Pulitzer Prizes yesterday afternoon, it’s now clear to me why he changed his travel plans: Charlie was part of the team that won the Pulitzer for public service reporting for their courageous, exhaustively researched series exposing deadly medical problems and racial injustice at a major public hospital (in the words of the Pulitzer committee).

Be sure to read John’s excellent post about the Cleveland journalist who won another of the Pulitzers. And, while he didn’t win one of the coveted awards, Tom Haines should still be commended for his wonderful Crossing Divides series (which the Globe had nominated in the beat reporting category, I understand).

Anton Zuiker

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