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Apr 3, 2005

At the end of a very long day, my birth day, I finally got to check my e-mail messages. My family had some nice things to share:

My brother, Matt:

My fondest memory of my biggest bro was when he showed me what courage, determination and a little elbow grease could do to help people in need (Peace Corps Vanuatu). Also, how to properly feed his pet pig, Mister Sugar.

My uncle, Dennis:

Happy birthday, Anton! We have great memories of you and we are so proud of the man you grew up to be, so compassionate, intelligent, loving and fun. You epitomize the true Christian spirit. What great fun we had when you came out to visit in Colorado after high school graduation with your friend Khaled, and your subsequent visits with your beautiful wife, Erin, and then with Anna. Looking forward to seeing you and your family at the reunion next year!

My aunt, Judy:

My fondest memory of you was a day in church.  I believe it was someone’s wedding.  There you were kneeling in the pew with your head bowed in reverence praying.  You were as quiet and still as a mouse.  I don’t think you could have been more than 6, 7 or 8 if that old.  Maybe 5.  You looked like an angel. What a wonderful man you turned out to be. I hope you enjoy at least 100 wonderful birthdays in your lifetime.

My cousin, Jenny:

I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, filled with laughs, fun, great memories, and family! I hope all is going well for you and your family, I’m sure it is. Have a great day! Can’t wait to see you at the Zuiker Reunion 2006, if not sooner!

My father:

I was so darn excited when he popped out I grabbed the phone tocall Ms. Sisco at our house in Virginia. I was so elated that I alos called to my parents and told them the good news. Grandpa asked to have me teach the kid the words “trade goods” very early in life. I promised. When the little fellow came home I was so scared that I hardly took him out of the dresser drawer that we used to keep him in. I figured I was moving soon so why buy expensive furniture. Cheryl said she had some diffiuclty understanding my thinking pattern… I just thought the drawer was very sturdy and safe and who would tell the kid if we kept quiet … For the first six to 10 weeks I was afraid to pick him up for fear that he would break. So I put him on a pillow and then carried the pillows to make sure he did not roll off to the tune of tumbling tumble weed. Slowly but surely I was able to hold him in my arms and not break him. Those are my gently memories of his ealry days. I have a great picture of him with some dirt on his face, looking very tired during the Shaffer campaign, the little kid with the peace button factened to his shirt. My little peacenik. Anyway I love them all and on their birthdays I love them specially. To Anton, a great little fellow.

And there are more in the Storian of the previous post

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