Add exhaustion to the list

Mar 5, 2005

We sent Erin back to New York City on Thursday, to give her a much needed break and a chance to see the city with her sisters. Her absence corresponds to the four days between my jobs, and so it’s been me and the girls. I’m loving this time with Anna and Malia, and wishing I could be at home with them more, although I’m reminded of the lesson I learned as a stay-at-home dad a couple of years ago: being a full-time parent is tiring work. Last night was supposed to have been tax night for me, a quiet evening to figure out how a home mortgage and another child change the last line of the 1040. Even before I opened the tax file, though, I was in bed with a headache. Which means I should be crunching the numbers now, but again I’m disinclined to do anything but crawl in bed and tune out.

A new job on Monday gave me an excuse to shop for some new threads (my mother will probably faint when she reads this, surprised to learn I’m finally enthusiastic about clothes shopping), and while Anna was at school yesterday, Malia accompanied me to University Mall, where I scored a nice Oxford shirt and a gorgeous leather coat (so inexpensive I felt as if I was stealing it). Today, friend Jonnelle stopped over to give me an hour to scoot over to the Streets at Southpoint, where I bought new pants and a blue blazer (also on sale). As I’ve done on the first day of every job since I graduated college, I’ll dress in a suit and tie (remember, I’ve been a journalist for 15 years, so a suit and tie to the office is special), walk with my head held high and my shoulders straight, and be wide open to the possibilities of this new position. I’m ready, and will look it.

Anton Zuiker

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