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Feb 21, 2005

A wonderful quick trip (kids’ diarrhea woes aside) to NYC for a day in Central Park to take in the spectacle of The Gates. I’d guess a million people were in the park on this cold but beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon, but people were happy as they ambled along the paths and climbed onto the rock outcroppings for the best views. Anna, with her wool coat the same color as the saffron orange (see the New Yorker) gates, seemed to upstage Christo and Jean-Claude.

We were joined by Tom Haines and Julie Braun and their children (they drove down from Ipswich, MA and we drove up from Durham, NC). Tom had read our itinerary on this blog, posted a comment to say they’d meet us, and we arrived at the parking basement at 71st and Amsterdam within 15 minutes of each other.

Pictures and more observations later. My thanks to cousin Jackie Celestino and her husband for letting us descend and displace.

My aging Canon PowerShot S110 didn’t like the cold, and I never had enough seconds to stop and frame a shot since I had to keep Anna and her orange coat in my eye at all times. Which is to say my images of the day are less than great. Here’s one, though (with others of Anna in her album).

The Gates by Christo and Jean-Claude, Central Park

Anton Zuiker

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