Freeze frame

Feb 9, 2005

My throat started to feel scratchy yesterday, and Malia was irritable with a cold, so I went hunting in the fridge for something to soothe us. In the freezer I found that Erin had made grape juice popsicles, and those purple ices worked nicely.

At my first taste, I was already thinking back to 1983 on St. Croix. On those hot afternoons, my brothers and I and our friends the Frey brothers (Jonas, Che, Kai and Lauren) would walk up the road from Good Hope School to a little shanty where a woman sold johnny cakes and meat fritters and frozen juices in clear plastic Solo cups. My favorite juices were grape, passion fruit and guava, and remembering the simplicity of walking on the dusty road slurping melting popsicles makes me feel refreshed.

Anton Zuiker

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