Deep thoughts

Feb 7, 2005

Over at justinsomnia, Justin writes about his life philosophy and where that might take him next. I left a comment there to share my own take on where my life is headed: to the far riverbank.

Meanwhile, my mom writes to the Zuiker5 (that’s me and my four brothers) to tell us about the importance of silent contemplation. She used a story from her teaching days:

It reminds me of the time I took a group of students to Lorado Taft. The first morning I made everyone get up at 5:00 a.m. to take a walk through the woods to see deer. They grumbled…and walked…and so no deer. The next morning, I made it voluntary and took the few brave souls…7 or 8 of them…and we saw all kinds of deer. (It was October by the way). That afternoon I took the whole group and had them lay down on the ground and just listen. They were absolutely amazed at how they could hear a single leaf fall across the ravine. Then they understood why they saw no deer on that first morning. It was a glorious sound. We each felt so a part of the woods that day.

Anton Zuiker

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