Jan 25, 2005

Erin fell ill today, so I spent the day home with the girls. In the sunny afternoon, we walked to nearby Lake Elton so Anna could throw rocks onto the melting (thin) icecap and Malia could talk to the Canada geese.

Just now got off the phone with my mom, who followed my orders to install and use Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird on her desktop PC, as well as Google’s awesome new picture software, Picasa2. In explaining Picasa to my mom, I discovered the program gives me an easy way – using the search function, naturally – to view just the video clips on my computer. And that’s just what I was hoping for when I was daydreaming on my way to the lake, wondering how I could view all the short clips I’ve taken of Anna and Malia. Someday, I’ll put those together into a movie. Be forewarned should you be invited to dinner.

Anton Zuiker

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