Jan 13, 2005

New glasses for me today, the most stylish and thin and light pair I’ve ever had. I came home thinking I’d dig up some old pictures of me to show the series of spectacles I’ve had since sixth grade, almost all of them big on my face, with thick lenses and plastic frames. Even when I worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii and had money to spend on my eyes, I chose frames two sizes too large for my face. Then I got the Erin eye for the blind guy, and she helped me get fashionable with my eyewear.

I was digging through the shoebox of snapshots and came across this picture, which does show me with glasses. More importantly, it’s got my dad and grandma together, and Frank the Beachcomber in the background heading to his cherished camper. This was at Ravens Roost, the family campsite near Tomahawk, Wisconsin in July 1984.

Ravens Roost, Tomahawk, Wisconsin, July 1984: Dad with Grandma, Anton and Frank the Beachcomber in the background

Here’s another picture; this is me in 1983 on the veranda of our home on St. Croix:

Anton Zuiker

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