Mighty me

Jan 14, 2005

This summer will be Erin’s 10-year college reunion, and we’ll travel back to John Carroll University for the festivities. I continue to try to coax my own classmates to use jcu92.net to share their news – why wait until our next reunion (2007 will be 15) to catch up? I’ve also been reading through the classnotes of the latest JCU magazine, and in the Class of 1989 I read that Brian Donovan’s fantastic kids’ exercise video, Mighty Me Training Camp is available for purchase. Brian sent us a copy of this awhile back when he was shopping for a distributor and thought one of our contacts could help him. The tape is now almost kaput, Anna’s watched it so many times. She loves to follow along as Brian teaches kids to stretch, build their muscles and treat their bodies well. We highly recommend this for kids 3-8.

Anton Zuiker

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