Blunder bigger than an avocado pit?

Jan 10, 2005

My brothers and uncles tackled the thorny subject of the tsunami and the divine last week. Big media gets around to it this week: God and the Tsunami on NPR’s Morning Edition, and Where Was God? by William Safire in the NYTimes.

1 The headline refers to one of the first movies I ever saw, Oh, God!. George Burns as God is asked if he’d made any mistakes, and he fesses up to a too-large pit for the avocado. I thought that was funny. But the question of whether God caused the devastating tsunami isn’t funny, because if you think God did have a hand in the tsunami, I’d say that’s one colossal mistake.

UPDATE: Maybe there is an intelligent and divine design to the earthquake and tsunami: read the NYTimes on Deadly and Yet Necessary, Quakes Renew the Planet.

Anton Zuiker

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