Salon selectives

Jan 5, 2005

Last night’s writers salon in Cleveland was a success, and if my friend and mentor John is to be believed, it’s but the first of more conversations on writing to come in 2005. We were 25 yesterday, gathered in a perfect room at Talkies coffeebar on Market Avenue. Tom Haines spoke about his Crossing Divides project, and then John had the rest of us talking about writing about place, about blogging, about freelancing and about our personal projects.

For me the salon was an excellent networking opportunity, a chance to meet writers I knew only by name or reputation or blog. Ayad Rahim, Valdis Krebs, Wendy Hoke, Sandy Piderit, Kathleen Murphy Colan, Jack Ricchuito and Charu Gupta were there, among others (Eileen Beal, John Norstrup and others, too) and George Nemeth showed up for dinner at Great Lakes Brewing Company after. I’m looking to John to post a complete list …

Anton Zuiker

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