2005 now

Jan 1, 2005

When I asked my friend Joe and his girlfriend Nora what they had resolved to accomplish in this new year, they replied, “Top 2004.” Here, here.

Last year was an eventful one for me and Erin, with the birth of Malia in January, my conferences and thesis and degree in the Spring, my trip to the Dominican Republic with my father, our new home, better health and a developing personalit in Anna. A very good year.

Now 2005. I need a full-time job. The girls need day care. Erin needs strength to be a One-L. I have new conferences to plan, stories to write, websites to develop (Zuiker Chronicles Online is next). Malia, already walking, will talk. Anna will learn to write her name. Erin will attend her 10-year college reunion. It’s going to be another very good year.

My recipe for 2005: RED, write, 26. I’ll explain later.

Anton Zuiker

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