Vanuatu and surviving

Dec 17, 2004

Survivor: Vanuatu wrapped up last Sunday, and I’m glad it’s finally over. While Erin and I got sucked into the intrigue of the show, the weekly reminder of the beauty of Vanuatu, the power of its volcanoes and the gentleness and generosity of its people was too much to bear – I want to go back so badly.

The show’s climax was bracing – the final few minutes were devoted to Survivor’s next move to Palau, also in the Pacific and also a beautiful collection of islands. So the American entertainment spotlight is off Vanuatu, but in my mind, the nation is still awash in a blaze of sunshine.

Our local independent weekly, aptly named the Independent, ran my essay about surviving in Vanuatu. See it at’s Front Porch section.

Anton Zuiker

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