Walking papers

Dec 10, 2004

On Sunday, my youngest brother, Matt, will graduate from Northern Illinois University, whereupon he will quickly light out for the warmer climes of Hawaii, just what I did 12 years ago on finishing my undergraduate degree at John Carroll University. Congratulations, Matt, and make the most of the Aloha State.

I’m sure David Brooks and other social scientists have written about the seeming ubiquity of higher education these days, but I feel it’s still worth celebrating the collection of degrees – and the vast knowledge harvested with those degrees – that my family has earned.

Here are the 13 we’ve earned, so far:

  • Joseph Zuiker – B.A. from Northern Illinois University; Masters of Public Administration from NIU; J.D. from DePaul University
  • Cheryl Zuiker – B.A. from NIU; Masters of Communisty Services from Regis University
  • Chris Zuiker – B.A. from Franciscan University of Steubenville; Masters of Business Administration from University of Arkansas
  • Nick Zuiker – B.A. from NIU
  • Matt Zuiker – B.A. from NIU

Now, we’re certainly not unique (Erin’s family has 13 degrees, too), and various banks and bill collectors are glad we’ve studied for as much and as long as we have, but it is an accomplishment. Thank you to all the family and friends who supported and nurtured us through the years (my uncle Mike, for example, paid for my textbooks at JCU).

Now, should I really be thinking of the new digital communications Ph.D. at N.C. State University?

Anton Zuiker

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