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Dec 2, 2004

Welcome yufala everiwan.

This weblog continues to grow and evolve, and so the latest spurt leads to (This site replaces; please change your bookmarks.)

Many of you know that I use the moniker/nickname/alias “mistersugar.” I’ve decided to rebrand myself around this identity. Why mistersugar? From my About page:

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Vanuatu in the South Pacific – the picture at the top of this site shows Liro Village on Paama Island, where I spent nearly two years with my wife, Erin. ... When I first introduced myself to the sixth graders at the Liro Primary School, I explained that Zuiker is the Dutch word for sugar. They had a hard time pronouncing Zuiker, so I suggested they just call me Mister Sugar. Later in the term, when I bought a pig – I wanted to raise the same animals the villagers did, so I had chickens, a dog, a cat and a pig – I asked the students to name him. Mistersugar was the consensus vote.

Welcome to my new pen. I’ll continue to write the Coconut Wireless weblog with postings about my views and reviews, comings and goings, family news and career accomplishments. I’ve been writing the blog since November July 2000; for most of the last few years, it was part of the Zuiker Chronicles Online, a family website I created for the large, spread-out Zuiker Family. Zuiker Chronicles has its own site now, and you can find a family tree, pictures and more over there.

Find the site navigation in small purple links to the left, under the mistersugar logo. Use these links to get to other pages on my site, including my resume, writing clips and a map of my ‘round-the-world travels. The photos link will take you to a new gallery of images. I’m excited about this new gallery (I use the excellent Photostack software) and will be adding many more pictures in the coming weeks.

You can also find links to my other websites, including a site for my fellow classmates from John Carroll University,

In the left column I also have a section called Sugarcubes. This is a miniblog where I’ll mention cool websites to sweeten your day.

Back to branding. My thanks to Matt Thomas for his professionalism and creativity in creating the mistersugar logo. I’ve now plastered that logo on numerous products so you, too, can sport the design. See my Cafepress store to get your mistersugar t-shirt or mug today.

One last note: I still need to fix some of the styles, page layouts and design elements. Expect minor changes over the coming week.

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave your suggestions and thoughts about the site by posting a comment now. Click the Storian link now.

Anton Zuiker

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