I'm off

Oct 15, 2004

I’ve not been myself these last few weeks: my indefatigable passion is sapped by interrupted sleep patterns from late night bedtimes and a 3-a.m.-teething baby, an affair with cafe mocha that’s screwed up my energy levels, a lack of exercise, silence from a few of my clsoe friends, and an addiction to all things political. This election is draining me. While I was invigorated by the debates, the knock-down-drag-out nature of them exhausted me, and my constant surfing of the political blogs has me alternately incredulous, flabbergasted, angry as hell or just downright saddened. So much crap and intrigue and lies, but also an amazing cacophony of fact checking and dialogue and get-out-the-vote activity. (Where do I stand? In 2000 I was calmly against the disingenuousness of Bush/Cheney; now I’m raging against their blatant lies and bumbling greed.) I’m very optimistic that November 3rd will dawn with a decisive Kerry victory, but regardless of the outcome, I hope to G-d someone will begin to lead us out of these years of darkness.

Anton Zuiker

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