Wantoks bak agen

Oct 6, 2004

A beautiful and sunny day here in North Carolina, and so I walked across campus (North Carolina State University) to meet up with Evan Baker and Bryan Roy, both RPCVs (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) who served in Vanuatu. Bryan lived on Paama – in Voravor Village not far from Liro, where Erin and I lived; Bryan taught at Vaum Junior Secondary School, where I’d taught. Evan lived in Port Vila but traveled throughout the islands, and even visited Bryan on Paama. So, we gabbed about Vanuatu, yet uttered not one word in Bislama. Still, we talked about kava and laplap and cyclones and mefloquine and PST (pre-service training) and ET (early termination) and COS (close of service) and even Survivor: Vanuatu.

Evan and Bryan are both studying for master’s degrees, Evan in public administration and Bryan in mechanical engineering. They’ve invited me to join them each Friday for lunch, and in the tradition of Vanuatu, I’ll not declne the chance to storian and kakae.

Anton Zuiker

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