iTunes #8: From the third floor

Sep 29, 2004

I generally check every few week or so to keep up on my favorite band, and in the last couple of weeks I’ve been hitting that blog more frequently because U2 has a new album coming out Nov. 23rd. I can’t wait. Glad I visited today, to learn that the first single, Vertigo, is available exclusively from the iTunes Music Store. I’ve got it, and it’s playing at this very moment, and it rocks.

I’ve reminisced about U2 before. Here’s another memory:

During the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college, I worked as a new student orientation advisor (I had the same job the next year, when Erin checked in at the last moment and was told to walk upstairs and find “Anton Zuiker”). Some of my closest friendships were formed that summer, with Bridget McGuinness and Joe Cimperman and Mike Sacco and Megan Larkin. (Note to friends: it’s been too long since we last talked. Please call me.)

Between the many fun activities that summer – ‘round-the-world parties and Presti’s doughnut runs and whiffle ball in the courtyard – we spent hours up on the third floor of what was then called East Hall watching, and watching again, the U2 concert movie Rattle and Hum.

“Am I bugging you?” Bono asks. “Don’t mean to bug you.” The Edge takes over, but Bono’s defiant call for justice (in that case, for Nelson Mandela’s freedom and apartheid’s abolition) hung in the hot summer air, and if I looked out the window toward the John Carroll bell tower, I felt a bit of vertigo.

Anton Zuiker

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